Wednesday, May 18

The Government reaffirms that it will claim the assets accumulated by the Franco in Meirás that are part of the National Heritage

The Government has reaffirmed that it will claim the assets that the Franco family has accumulated in the Pazo de Meirás if they are part of the National Heritage. The statement is made in a response to the BNG deputy in Congress, Nestor Rego, who asked if a new lawsuit will be filed to request ownership of these objects. The Court of A Coruña in April returned the furniture to the descendants of the dictator, arguing that the State did not include them in its demand. The move is paralyzed waiting for the court to decide on the resources that they question that they can take everything.

In the response, the Government indicates that it has presented an incidental question before the courts “to determine the assets that can be understood as part of article 334 of the Civil Code as real estate.” He insists that he will also litigate for movable property that could be part of the National Heritage. To verify that there are objects of this type in the Pazo, he adds, he is carrying out “information and documentation actions.” If their existence is confirmed, the National Heritage Board of Directors has authorized legal actions to be taken to recover them and for precautionary measures to be adopted.

Among the treasures that the dictator’s family has accumulated over the more than 80 years that they have occupied the property are two statues of Mestre Mateo that were part of one of the doors of the Cathedral of Santiago and the library of Emilia Pardo Bazan. In both cases they have protection. The former have been declared an asset of cultural interest (BIC) and the latter is in the process of doing so. This means that they cannot move from Galicia without authorization from the Xunta. The Francs are negotiating with the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) to donate the books that belonged to the writer in exchange for this institution not delivering them to any government.

The possibility that the Francos could take goods that they keep inside the building continues to provoke protests. This weekend a civic march demanded at the gates of the pazo, given the Government’s refusal to allow them to enter the gardens, that objects not be removed from Meirás.