Wednesday, August 4

The Government reaffirms that the state of alarm was “essential” and shows “surprise” the ruling of the Constitutional Court

The Government abides by the ruling of the Constitutional Court that overturns the decree of state of alarm with which it established the severe confinement to stop the COVID-19 pandemic on March 14, but does not hide its discomfort over the “unprecedented” ruling that considers it an “unprecedented” decision. In fact, the Executive of Pedro Sánchez reaffirms that this constitutional tool was the mechanism with which the spread of the coronavirus was stopped and, therefore, lives could be saved and recalls that similar mechanisms were used in neighboring countries.

“The Government respects the sentence, although it shows its surprise at its unprecedented nature and reaffirms that that Royal Decree of the State of Alarm was absolutely essential to save lives and in accordance with the Constitution and the organic law of the State of Alarm,” sources say governments, who argue that “without this tool there would not have been time to stop the virus and it would not have been possible to maintain the necessary measures to stop its advance.” The Government decreed a state of alarm on March 14 before the outbreak of the pandemic in Spain – three days after the WHO gave it that rating worldwide.

These sources maintain that Moncloa has not yet had time to read the sentence and that they will study it carefully. However, they point to the “internal debate” within the high court given that the decision has been adopted by a narrow margin of difference: one vote. The Constitutional Court is one of the bodies pending renewal.

The Government also points out that the ruling responds to an appeal of unconstitutionality presented by Vox and recalls that the far-right formation was positioned in favor of the state of alarm the first time it was voted in Congress, although in successive extensions got off the hook.

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