Friday, December 3

The Government regrets the return to presence: officials will be able to telework up to three days a week from 2022

The Government has quickly regretted the return to presence that it imposed on its workers last October, when it established that officials who had been working remotely during the pandemic up to 80% of their working day could only telework one day a week . Now, the Minister of Finance and Public Function, María Jesús Montero, has assured in the Congress of Deputies that as of January the employees of the General State Administration they will be able to carry out their tasks from home up to three days a week.

The minister has reported that will regulate this option through a royal decree in which they have been working for several months and are currently negotiating with the unions, so it is not closed yet but advanced.

Montero did not offer many more details in this regard in his appearance in the Lower House, but according to has advanced the newspaper El Mundo, teleworking will be voluntary and reversible, and its adoption It will be conditioned to the fact that the service provided by the official is guaranteed remotely, for which each public body will have to carry out a study in which they analyze the positions that are effectively capable of being done remotely without problems.

Likewise, the administration to which it belongs will have to provide the employee with a computer equipment with data card and the necessary tools and applications to carry out his activity, as well as the training that is necessary so that he can perform his functions correctly from a distance.

Until last October 1, officials whose position could be performed remotely without problems could telework up to 80% of the week, but As of that date, the Government unilaterally established the return to the office at least four days a week mandatory. The measure was met with rejection by public employees and unions, who understood that it was a “drastic cut” of the agreements they had signed just a few months ago.

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