Saturday, December 10

The Government requests videos and statements to sanction the demonstrations exalting Franco on 20N

The Government activates the springs of the law of democratic memory after the tributes to Franco this 20N. The Ministry of the Presidency asks the Government delegations for images and reports of the demonstrations this weekend in order to examine whether the rule was violated and open the corresponding sanction files, which can lead to fines of up to 150,000 euros.

“Given the images that have been seen of demonstrations yesterday [por el domingo]with shouts, gestures and songs that exalt the military coup, the dictatorship and its protagonists, the Government will open disciplinary proceedings against the people and/or organizations that carried out these acts”, report sources from the department led by Félix Bolaños, who has complained to the representations of the Executive in the autonomous communities “the videos, attestations and evidence that can prove the exaltation of the dictatorship and those responsible for those behaviors contrary to the Law of Democratic Memory”.

“Today’s Spain is based on our Constitution and on the democratic values ​​that guarantee coexistence in freedom and rejects, like the European countries around us, any exaltation of an authoritarian regime or its main figures,” the same sources point out, which They do not rule out that those nostalgic for Francoism could incur “other responsibilities” beyond the fine provided for in the regulations that the Cortes approved on October 6.

Among the acts authorized by the Government were those organized by the Falange in commemoration of Primo de Rivera. The letter from the Government delegation in Madrid, for example, already warned that if “facts constituting crimes” were noticed, they would be brought to the attention of the Prosecutor’s Office.

One of the acts that, since Thursday, paid homage to the dictator on the anniversary of his death, was the one held in the capital this Sunday in which several dozen people belonging to the Spanish Catholic Movement gathered in the Plaza de Oriente. With Falangist greetings and chants, those present challenged the new legislation. Three Femen activists were arrested during a protest against that concentration.

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