Wednesday, July 6

The Government seeks a formula to guarantee the millionaire guarantees of the Court of Accounts

The Government is studying how it can guarantee the guarantees worth 5.4 million euros that the Court of Auditors demands from the 34 exalted positions of the Generalitat for the promotion of independence abroad. The deadline to deposit the money ends on July 21. Junts and the ANC are being the most belligerent at the time of demanding that the Catalan Administration be the one who takes charge of the cost through some type of guarantee.

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The vice president and spokesperson for Junts, Elsa Artadi, stressed that the Government is responsible for protecting its workers so as not to leave anyone behind. The legal services of the Generalitat are the ones who are examining various alternatives and must present a proposal. One of the possibilities is to turn to the Institut Català de Finances (ICF) so that it could endorse the exalted positions, among them, Carles Puigdemont, Oriol Junqueras or the former minister Andreu Mas-Colell.

In the Government they insist that in any case it would always be a guarantee and not a payment. In similar situations, with millionaire bonds imposed by the same Court of Accounts or in courts such as number 13 in Barcelona, ​​which also investigates high-ranking charges for their participation in the organization of 1-O, the solidarity fund was used. But its promoters have already warned that this time it cannot take on so much money. The ERC spokeswoman, Marta Vilalta, has demanded again this Monday that citizens collaborate to combat the “economic persecution” against the leaders of the procés.

The president, Pere Aragonès, has stated on more than one occasion that the Generalitat will try to help the former officials from whom the Court of Auditors claims the bonds, although he has not clarified how he intends to do so. The ANC, in line with the position of the Junts, has urged the Government on Monday to “defend and cover up to the last cent” of the money claimed from the defendants. The entity assures that if the Executive of ERC and Junts transfers the responsibility of defending these people to civil society “it will weaken the independence movement” and could encourage “an increase in economic repression.” Failure to do so, adds the ANC in a statement, would be to renounce the defense of the legitimacy of the Government and would leave their positions helpless, which would create a precedent that would leave the credibility of the institution affected for the future.

The PSC has demanded that the Court of Accounts be allowed to work and has warned the Executive of Aragonès that it may incur a case of embezzlement if it ends up endorsing the bonds. “Let’s hope it is resolved and if there has been any money that has been badly spent, perhaps they will have to return it,” claimed the Deputy First Secretary of the Socialists, Eva Granados. The PSC has also expressed its discomfort over what they consider an immobility on the part of the Government, which they demand some type of gesture after the granting of pardons by the Council of Ministers.