Sunday, April 2

The Government sees in Lorca’s assault “an attack on democracy” and the PP rejects “all violence”, but blames Sánchez and Garzón

The Minister spokesperson for the Government, Isabel Rodríguez, today described as “aggression against democracy” yesterday’s violent assault by ranchers and businessmen in the sector to the plenary session of the Lorca (Murcia) town hall, which was held in a municipal building.

Members of PP and Vox justify the violent assault on Lorca’s plenary session: “The countryside has exploded against the attacks of the PSOE”

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Rodríguez has expressed, after the press conference after the Council of Ministers, his “condemnation and rejection of these attitudes”. “Of course it is highly reprehensible that these acts of violence happen. And when they are done, moreover, towards an institution, what is being attacked is democracy and therefore our support for the entire corporation, its mayor and our absolute rejection and condemns. There is no room in this matter of violence for any other consideration on the part of those of us who consider ourselves democrats and therefore defend all the institutions of the State”.

The leadership of the PP, however, has accompanied its condemnation of violence with some other consideration. “We reject all kinds of violence, as the main opposition party has always done, and this is also compatible with vindicating the work of our ranchers and farmers,” said the PP Deputy Secretary of Communication, Pablo Montesinos, in statements collected by Europe Press.

An “unfortunate” government

More explicit has been the deputy secretary of Social Policy of the Popular Party, Ana Pastor, who has also rejected “any act of violence” while charging against the Government of Pedro Sánchez, and specifically against the Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzón, in reference to the statements he made in a British newspaper criticizing the macro-farms: “The ranchers have a problem because they have an absolutely regrettable government with a man who is insulting the quality of Spanish meat”.

For its part, United We Can has branded the assault as a sign of “fascism of the 21st century” and has demanded that the Prosecutor’s Office and the State Security Forces “take action” in this regard, given that no one would understand that an episode of this gravity would remain ” unpunished”.

Vox’s spokesman in Congress, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, has shown his understanding of the “desperation” of the assailants and the rest of the livestock sector. “We understand the desperation to which the politicians of the 2030 Agenda are leading them”, he assured, showing his joy that the riots did not cause material or personal damage and referring to “the violent left” that demonstrated surrounding Congress, ” that burns containers, ATMs or streets every time Vox achieves a victory”.

The deputy spokesman for Citizens in Congress, Edmundo Bal, has charged against the PP and Vox for “justifying” the assault. Bal was referring to the reactions of members of the PP and Vox, in which they justified the assault by stating that the field had “exploded” because of the government’s policies.

In this sense, the PSOE of Lorca has requested the resignation of the municipal spokesman for the PP, Fulgencio Gil, for not having condemned “strongly” the assault. The spokeswoman for the municipal government team, Isabel Casalduero, in statements collected by EFE, has said that Lorca “cannot afford to have a leader of the opposition who does not condemn the exercise of violence by those who exercise it and those who exercise it against those who exercise it.”

The spokeswoman has said that “nothing else can be expected from Vox” and has focused her criticism on the local leader of the PP: “We are waiting for the statement in which Mr. Gil categorically condemns the events, as other members of his party such as the mayors of Puerto Lumbreras or Cartagena, the Minister of Agriculture, Antonio Luengo or President López Miras himself.