Thursday, September 21

The Government sets a date to celebrate the newly created Comic and Comic Book Day

The Council of Ministers has agreed this Monday, at the proposal of the Minister of Culture and Sports, the declaration of March 17 as Comic Book Day “to recognize the weight of its history and its importance in the current context”.

Young people will invest the cultural bond in video games, manga and shows

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This has been indicated by the owner of this portfolio, Miquel Iceta, who recalled in the press conference after the council that “comics are often the gateway to new readers” and that it is “a thriving sector and rise”.

According to the data from the sector you have cited, in 2021 alone there were more than 250 specialized bookstores and more than 4,100 titles were published in Spain, more than a thousand of them with Spanish authorship.

In fact, adding the talent of cartoonists, scriptwriters and colorists, there are also more than 1,000 professionals in this field in Spain, where there are also more than 40 publishers especially active in publishing comics, one of which, Norma Editorial, It recently received the National Award for Best Editorial Work, the first in this field to achieve it.

Iceta has explained that the date of March 17 for this date was chosen because it was the one “in which the publication of the TBO magazine began, which popularized the publishing model in an expansive way in Spain”.

One of the objectives of this initiative is to make the industry visible through different activities and give it a unified sense, reaching all parts of the Spanish geography, through the collaboration of all its agents, the media, social networks, private entities and civil society.

The declaration responds to the proposal of the Comic Sector Association, which was included in the Proposition No of the Law for the Recognition and Dignification of the Comic Sector in Spain, adopted unanimously on October 19, 2021.