Monday, September 27

The Government speeds up its evacuation plan for Spaniards and Afghan translators from Afghanistan

The Government is accelerating to the maximum its plans to evacuate the Spaniards who are still in Afghanistan, including the Embassy staff, as well as the translators who assisted the Spanish troops and aid workers in recent years, they told Europa Press diplomatic sources.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation, José Manuel Albares, announced on Friday the beginning of this plan, although sources have confirmed that for now the evacuation itself has not begun, but that all the details are being closed with the Ministry of Defense, which is the one that will proceed to it.

The evacuation, the sources have pointed out, will take place “as soon as the circumstances allow it”, taking into account at all times the safety of the people who are expected to be evacuated and with the premise, expressed by Albares, of “not leaving no one behind. ”

Thus, the forecast is to be able to remove from Afghanistan the six Spaniards who are known to be still in the country, together with the Embassy staff – which is currently limited to the outgoing ambassador, Gabriel Ferrán and his deputy and the police officers who guard it.

Along with them, the evacuation of Afghan translators who worked “side by side” with the Spanish in recent years is planned, as Albares announced, whose exact number is still unknown.

Various ministries are working in this process, including those of Foreign Affairs, Defense and Interior, in order to verify identities and determine the formula by which they and foreseeably some of their family members who accompany them could settle in Spain.

Events have accelerated in recent days in Afghanistan, as the Taliban have conquered virtually all provincial capitals one by one with little resistance in their path.

This Sunday, the insurgent group announced that it is already at the gates of Kabul but has ordered its fighters not to enter by force while a peaceful transition is being negotiated with the Government of Ashraf Ghani, which some media point out as it could resign in the next few hours. In fact, talks are already underway to establish a transitional government.