Tuesday, July 5

The Government spokeswoman, after TV3 covered her neckline: “We dress as we want, without asking permission”

The Government spokeswoman, Patrícia Plaja, wanted to settle the controversy after TV3 covered this Wednesday the neckline that she was wearing in an interview in ‘Els Matins’ without her asking for it. The journalist has stressed that she was not uncomfortable with her clothing nor did she feel “censored” because they repositioned her neckline. Beyond the specific episode, Plaja has denounced the aesthetic pressure suffered by women.

In an opinion article sent to the media, which elDiario.es reproduces in its entirety at the bottom of this page, Plaja gives his version of what happened. “The blouse that I put on did not make me feel uncomfortable before or during my intervention,” she explained, to immediately add that she did not feel “censored” when the chain’s stylists entered mid-interview to reposition it so that it would not be see the neckline

“I did not understand what was happening and I was focused on trying to take stock of the first year as spokesperson,” he added. Plaja has reported that she asked twice if she had seen a breast to the costume professionals who repositioned her blouse, but that she did not receive an answer.

“Someone mistakenly thought that she was not comfortable and with the best of intentions they tried to fix it, but the decision was not the right one,” concluded the spokeswoman, who shared the opinion article on Twitter with this message: “We dress like we want, without asking permission or waiting for an opinion”.

This is the article in its entirety that Plaja has sent to the media:


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