Tuesday, October 4

The Government urges Feijóo to tell the beneficiaries of the savings plan that “for him, neither scholarships nor transport passes”

In the first appearance of the political course, the Government wanted to put pressure on the Popular Party, which yesterday threatened to vote against the validation of the royal decree law on energy saving, which includes, among other measures, free transport passes for Renfe or 400-euro study scholarships for one million young people. “I summon Mr. Feijóo to go right now to the Atocha Cercanías station, to Sants or to Valencia and talk to that worker and tell him that if it depended on him, he would not have free public transport. That if it were for Feijóo, neither a scholarship nor a transport pass ”, the Government spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, denounced at a press conference.

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“If Feijoo votes no to this decree, he will have to explain to us who he is with, why he does not agree with his European partners or with the European Commission. They are in another time, in the past”, he settled. Rodríguez has recalled that Spain has “adversities to combat” and has guaranteed that, despite the attitude of the PP, the Government “is here to respond to all Spaniards.” The spokeswoman has also assured that the Government maintains “permanent conversations” with the autonomous communities and the parties and has hoped to be able to obtain the necessary support to validate the aforementioned decree, on Thursday.

“Simply what the Government has done is to transpose the agreement reached in the EU to put it into practice in Spain,” Rodríguez assured. “It is not an occurrence of the Government, it is an EU agreement”, he has insisted. For this reason, the Government considers “frivolous” how the PP has responded, threatening not to validate the decree that, as he has recalled, “has had 23 days to read it.”

In addition, the Executive has defended its saving measures, recalling that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, “wants to close gas to Europe and Europe has to defend itself against that threat”. That is why he has asked Feijóo to be “on the side of the decisions of the rest of the EU countries.”