Friday, August 12

The Government will approve before August 2 that the contracts of the carriers have to be in writing

New measures for the transport sector, which this spring called a strike for practically two weeks that hit, above all, industry and distribution. This Thursday, the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, announced that the Government plans to approve a Royal Decree Law on Transport Support before August 2, which will include a new regulation “to guarantee a fair price” to carriers and prevent them from working at a loss and charging less than what it costs them to work. Also, that the contracts they seal are always in writing.

Transporters vote against reactivating the strike while waiting to negotiate with the Government

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The text will also include a new package of direct aid worth 450 million, which also includes urban bus transport.

“The project cannot wait, we have outlined the document and we are going to process it urgently for its next approval by the Council of Ministers before August 2,” Sánchez assured. “This new text is going to collect provisions so that the price of transport is equal to the cost and it is going to collect the obligation that the contracts be in writing”, he has indicated. “Measures so that subcontracting is fair, that it does not harm the last link, which is the weakest.”

In the wake of the Food Chain Law

In this way, a type of ‘Transport Chain Law’ can be implemented, following the model of the Food Chain Law, which seeks to ensure that food is not sold below the cost of production.

For this reason, Raquel Sánchez has advanced that there will be “mechanisms to reinforce transport inspection so that carriers can report, anonymously, and thus reinforce the inspection systems so that the measures are effective.”

Already this Monday, the National Committee for Road Transport (CNTC) – with whom the Ministry meets and where Platform, which called the spring strike, is not represented – advanced new negotiations with the Ministry. This Committee indicated that the portfolio headed by Sánchez had promised to present the new regulation of the sector in the coming weeks. In this case, the CNTC assured, “the objective is to limit the subcontracting chain and prevent companies and freelancers in the sector from working below cost,” he said along the same lines.

This new regulation was also one of the demands of the National Platform in Defense of Transport. At the end of June, its members voted against reactivating the strikes, waiting, precisely, to see how the new measures that the Ministry was going to announce would materialize. In this case, Sánchez has indicated that there have been no meetings with Platform but this organization has been informed about the Royal Decree that will be approved before the August vacation break.