Friday, January 28

The Government will ask the Justice to prevent skiing in Navacerrada

The Government will ask the Justice to prevent skiing in Navacerrada after the Junta de Castilla y León has protected this Monday that the private company that manages the station continues to occupy the public lands owned by the National Parks Agency where the tracks were planted, to despite the fact that the 25-year concession expired in April of this year.

1,500 euros a year: the rental of the Navacerrada ski resort that Esperanza Aguirre privatized

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The owner of the land, National Parks, decided this year not to extend the permit that was granted in 1996, but the Government of Castilla y León – led by the PP – has said that it is the competent authority to close or not the station. Its president, Alfonso Martínez Mañueco, now affirms that the station will open on December 1. The Ministry of Ecological Transition will have to file an appeal in a Valladolid court and will ask as a precautionary measure that the use of the station be stopped.

Mañueco has been escorted by the president of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, despite the fact that that administration has nothing to say about the land or facilities: the affected descents are the Telegrafo, the Escaparate and the Forest that fall within Castilla and Leon. But the decision of the Castilian-Leon president directly confronts the National Parks Agency that depends on the Ministry of Ecological Transition, that is, the Government of Spain.

The Navacerrada ski resort has been operating since 1996 thanks to the fact that National Parks granted a public company called Deporte y Montaña SA “the occupation of 7.6 hectares for a period of 25 years for the installation of infrastructure for the practice. alpine skiing on Mount Pinar de Valsaín “. It is number 2 of the Public Utility Forest Catalog.

The concession expired on April 2, 2021. And National Parks decided that it no longer considered it appropriate to have a ski resort on those lands of high ecological value, located on the edge of the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park. They concluded that it contributed to the degradation of the space due to the influx of private vehicles and that the habitual lack of snow forced the intensive use of cannons to create it and maintain that business.

This was communicated to the Junta de Castilla y León, “to process the administrative expiration file” and to the company itself. By then, the society was no longer public. In 2007, the president of the Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, decided to privatize the company. After a deserted auction, in a second attempt, Inversiones Río SL kept the business for 328,000 euros. He inherited the rent of about 1,500 euros per year for the seven hectares. Inversiones Río –now Río Invest– was related to the Sacyr Group through the company Cavosa Obras y Proyectos. Río Invest is the sole administrator of the company Puerto de Navacerrada Estación de Esquí.

National Parks – the owner of the land – opted in this way “not to call a competitive competition to grant a new concession for private use in this area.” That is, do not award the land to an exclusive company. The act that granted this use of the land to the ski resort in 1996 included a clause that said that, once the concession was finished, the company had to leave there, “without having the right to make any claim or claim. to receive compensation of any kind “. What the Board does, after all, is not declare expiration. And oppose the decision of the owner of the land.

“We consider that there are neither political nor legal reasons to declare the closure,” Alfonso Fernández Mañueco has declared. Its Executive was already trying to declare the station as an Asset of Cultural Interest to try to stop the closure.