Friday, December 3

The Government will extend to vulnerable people the insurance of non-payment of the rent for young people

The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda of the Government, Raquel Sánchez, has announced that the non-payment insurance for housing rented to young people will be extended to economically vulnerable people.

The Government will condition the youth voucher to a maximum rental price according to each city

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This was pointed out this Friday in Barcelona during the conference ‘Mobility and housing: expansion of rights and generation of economic opportunities’ organized by the Cercle d’Economia.

This aid will consist of financing a private insurance coverage “for a possible non-payment” of the rent of the house of up to one year.

The amount of the insurance premium may not exceed 5% of the annual income and it is a measure “designed to benefit young people and now also vulnerable people, so that they have fewer problems for their emancipation and to confer greater security to the owners “.

Regarding the Housing Law, the minister has said that it is regulated “to offer maximum legal certainty, without invading powers, in a transparent way, to draw up an inventory of the public housing stock” and to make the set of administrations review aspects such as investment, applicants or available public land.

“We have multiplied by seven the budget for housing and it is the largest in history for rehabilitation and public promotion to respond to a social emergency,” he stressed.

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