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The Grand Canyon of Mars can be seen in spectacular images | Digital Trends Spanish

the probe Mars Express of the European Space Agency (ESA), just sent Spectacular photos of the Grand Canyon Mars in the Valley of the Marineris.

At 4,000 km long, 200 km wide, and up to 7 km deep, Valles Marineris is almost ten times longer, 20 times wider, and five times deeper than the Grand Canyon in the United States. As the largest canyon system in the Solar System, it would span the distance from the northern tip of Norway to the southern tip of Sicily.

The image shows two trenches that are part of western Valles Marineris. To the left (south), is the 840 km long Ius Chasma, and to the right (north) is the 805 km long Tithonium Chasma. While these high-resolution images show incredible surface detail, it’s only when we look at an elevation map that we realize just how spectacularly deep they are.

Alongside the dark sand dunes are two light-toned mounds (one cut in half by the top edge of the image). These ‘mounds’ are more like mountains, rising over 3000 meters high. Their surfaces have been heavily eroded by Mars’ strong winds, indicating that they are made of material weaker than the surrounding rock.

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