Monday, December 6

The Grand Hotel presented progress of works

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The General Manager of The Grand Hotel, Alejandro Gómez, served as host and explained that with the works that are being carried out they will be able to further expand the range of services they offer. “For us this is a key day. Today we can proudly say that The Grand Hotel continues to grow. Today, with great joy, we present the works of The Grand Center, an impressive events center with a 650m2 room, and we shared our rooftop renovation project with a Rofftop Bar“, said.

In addition, the executive explained that the hotel adds 60 new rooms and is carrying out a major renovation of its facilities and general proposal. “Without losing our identity, we continue to improve and provide unique experiences and an excellent service to our guests, clients and the entire community ”, Gomez stated.


For its part, the undersecretary of the Ministry of Tourism, Remo Monzeglio, said that “we must highlight the commitment that The Grand Hotel makes for Uruguay”, and added: “Today we came to tell you keep going, you have our support”.

The Mayor of Maldonado, Enrique Antía, said that it was “a day to celebrate” and thanked The Grand Hotel for promoting the growth of the department in general and Punta del Este in particular. In addition, the manager highlighted the professionalism with which the company has been carrying out its growth plan: “They rigorously complied with all the planned steps and did so despite the pandemic, so we want to highlight and thank their contribution. This is part of what we want for the future of the department, so keep going”, He stressed.

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