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The Grand Theft Auto movie that could have starred with Eminem | Digital Trends Spanish

Rockstar reportedly refused to make a movie of Grand Theft Auto which could have starred the world famous rapper, Eminem. According to reports, the late director oftop gunTony Scott, was also considered to direct it.

In the bugzy malone podcastEarthworm Jim director Kirk Ewing said he talked to Rockstar’s Sam Houser in his hotel room one night about making a GTA movie.

Ewing explained: “This was just after Grand Theft Auto 3. And I think, at that point, it was still in Sam’s mind that it might be something he wanted to do… I remember getting a call around 4am from one of the producers in Los Angeles with an offer to do a movie. And he said, ‘Kirk, we’ve got Eminem in the lead, and it’s a Tony Scott movie, $5 million on the nose, are you interested?’

When Ewing called Houser to break the news, Houser reportedly turned him down, saying he wasn’t interested.

Ewing added, “At that point, they backed out of any conversation about making a movie when they realized the media franchise they had was bigger than whatever movie was happening at the time.”

While an actual film based on GTA never materialized, the BBC released a trailer for a GTA documentary in 2015 about the franchise’s success despite Rockstar’s objection. The company sued the BBC to protect its intellectual property.

Film adaptations for video games have gained popularity recently, as Sony has given them the green light with their own properties like Uncharted, Gran Turismo, and Ghost of Tsushima.

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