Wednesday, July 6

The Haitian Ambassador in Madrid: “We must respect the democratic game”

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The current Haitian ambassador to Spain, Louis Marie Montfort Saintil, has attended ABC after an armed group raided the president’s private residence at one in the morning on Wednesday, July 7. The first lady landed at 3:30 p.m. on a ‘Trinity Air Ambulance’ flight and was subsequently transferred to the Baptist hospital located in Miami. Martine Moïse is in critical condition, however, with stable vital signs after suffering three gunshot wounds to her arms, hand and abdomen.

Police are investigating the alleged killers as the armed group that raided the presidential residence has not been identified yet. In the Caribbean nation there are more than 150 organized gangs that control the territory with an increasingly weakened government and main routes in the country that are normally taken by armed gangs. Haitian sources confirm that the prime minister is held at a secret location as a safeguard of your safety.

This is how ABC is informed by inhabitants of the Pétionville area, a city located in the capital of Port-au-Prince, in an area full of embassies near the president’s residence. Last afternoon there was also an operation to disable cell that attacked the Haitian president and his family, killing four attackers and two other prisoners who were members of the command.

Soon, and thanks to the arrests, there will be more news, although in principle it is ruled out that we are facing a terrorist group. It seems that in the area where the Haitian bourgeoisie lives, the gang that caused the attack on the president had entrenched themselves and that, cornered by the police, they had used two officers from a police station as hostages, which they used as bunkers. After several hours of unsuccessful negotiation, the police decided to enter with the balance of four dead, three arrested and the two officers released.

The death of the president could have been carried out by any enemy of the Government. A part of the elite that controls Haiti and that manages the main economic movements of the country moves in illicit areas. As reported to ABC, the president “wanted to clean up” the nation and this has generated numerous enemies everywhere in different sectors.

Arrival to power in 2015

The demonstrations since the arrival of the power of Moïses in 2015 have been continuous from sectors of pressure. The tension experienced has been bloody, especially in 2018 and 2019, when student children had to stop going to school for three months because of the blockades. The political situation was such, according to administrative sources to this newspaper, that “no one has been surprised that this has happened to the president.”

“No one has been surprised that this happened to the president”

As stated by the Government, by virtue of article 149 of the Haitian Constitution, the Prime Minister, Claude Joseph, is granted the assumption of powers in the event of a presidential void, during 90 days, until the holding of new elections that, presumably, would have to be held on September 26.

“The Constitution says that the presidential term is five years, so this year could not be considered as an extension of the mandate,” they clarify from the embassy of Haiti in Madrid. Let us remember that Moises came to power in February 2017 so it could end in the same month of 2022. Different government sources tell us about the desire that existed on the termination of the mandate of the assassinated president on February 7 of next year.

“I call for political actors to come together to work for the development of the country”

Relying on the police, the prime minister has affirmed “that all measures have been taken to ensure the continuity of the state” while calling for calm from the Haitians, after declaring a state of siege for 15 days in the poorest country in the northern hemisphere and with a 60% of its inhabitants plunged into poverty.

At the moment, it is not possible to speak of a coup d’etat because the attack seems to have been perpetrated by gangs of hitmen who spoke in spanish and french. “We must respect the democratic game, the ideology and the sacred life of each one,” Montfort, the Haitian ambassador in Madrid, warned us. “We must let justice act and I call for political actors to unite to work for the development of the country,” he says.

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