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The hand massager for gamers exists, but only in Japan | Digital Trends Spanish

Playing video games, whether with a controller or keyboard, can be tiring work on the hands. After hours of clicking or moving sticks, the tendons and muscles of the extremities suffer. However, a hand massager designed especially for gamers was launched in Japan.

The massager is literally called Hand Massager and it is a small device in which the hand is inserted, as if it were a glove. Inside are a handful of small air pillows that, depending on the mode used, massage the entire hand or just the fingers.

The device also comes with two temperature levels; the warmer is used to warm the hands before a gaming session. According to Bauhütte, the company behind the device, the ideal is to use the massager on breaks during playtime to have better circulation and relax the muscles in the hands.

Now, the Hand Massager is focused and promoted as a product for gamers, but the truth is that it may well be a device for general use. Ergonomics is an increasingly important topic for office work and it is always medically recommended to use comfortable equipment, especially for people who spend a good part of their day in front of a computer.

For now, the Hand Massager is sold only in Japan and for around $ 150 dollars, but it is possible to think that a product like this would be very successful anywhere in the world.

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