Sunday, January 29

The head of Apyme highlighted the importance of adding PAMI to the Buy Argentine Law project

Regarding the central axes of the project, Moreno recalled that “the margins of preference are improved, gender issues are also incorporated to increase that margin of preference, in this case the project speaks of an additional 3% to 20% or 15% % planned for MSMEs and medium-sized companies, with benefits for innovative projects. “

In addition, he highlighted “the commitment to build the SME tables, the Buy Pyme tables. The State and private parties would participate in these tables, and in this way they could monitor the performance of compliance by the obligated subjects, verifying that the specifications conditions have the necessary parameters so that SMEs can compete and that in turn comply with the law ‘.

Also, he indicated, the “public dissemination of all purchases, of the annual purchase plans, is foreseen, which is very important for SMEs, which are used to selling in a limited market.”

The Buy Argentino, Supplier Development and Purchasing for Innovation bill aims to generate 30,000 new private jobs, encourage the investment of an additional $ 40,000 million annually in innovation, and save US $ 500 million in foreign currency per year.

It proposes the modification of the current Law 27,437, sanctioned in 2018, which “has great limitations so that the State can use its purchasing power as a tool for development.”

The main objectives are to promote a greater participation of the national industry in public purchases; generate an increase in employment, and stimulate investments and technology transfers to sectors of the national economy with greater technological and productive capacities.