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The head of NASA does not believe that we are alone in the universe | Digital Trends Spanish

After reading the UFO report published by the Pentagon at the request of the United States Congress, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson stated that he does not believe that “we are alone” in the universe.

The official further added that the launch of a new telescope later this year would help find more planets that could host intelligent extraterrestrial life.

The report presented on June 24 compiles several cases of unidentified aerial phenomena (FANI) registered by pilots of the United States Air Force.

However, the document notes that there are more than 140 sightings that cannot be classified and lack an explanation.

“Yes, I have seen the classified report. It basically says what we think. We don’t know the answer to what those Navy pilots saw, they know they saw something, they tracked it, they fixed their radar on it, they followed it, it was suddenly moving quickly from one place to another, ”Nelson said.

“And what the report tells us is public is that there have been more than 140 of these sightings. So naturally, what I ask our scientists is to see if there is some kind of explanation, from a scientific point of view, and I am waiting for their report. “

“There is something there”

The NASA administrator said he had spoken with the pilots who reported the sightings after a briefing on this issue in the Upper House of Congress.

“I spoke with the Navy pilots, when they briefed us on the Senate Armed Services Committee, and my feeling is that there is clearly something there. It may not necessarily be an alien, but if it is a technology that some of our adversaries have, we better be concerned. “

In any case, Nelson thinks it is difficult that it is some enemy power, and pointed out that the technology witnessed in the sightings could come from somewhere else in the universe.

“We don’t believe it [que sea un adversario]But when it comes to the universe, remember the universe is so big, we have a program at NASA called the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. But so far, we don’t have any receiving communication of something that is smart. “

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