Thursday, December 2

The headquarters of an NGO that works with LGTBI migrants in Madrid appears vandalized with excrement

The entrance to one of the headquarters that the NGO Kifkif, which works with LGTBI migrants, has in the center of Madrid, has been vandalized for the second time in three days. Two workers of the entity have found this Monday the blind with the colors of the most inclusive rainbow flag, which includes the bands of racialized and trans people, and the windows of the premises covered in excrement. A fact for which they will file a complaint in the next few hours.

The attack against this headquarters, which opened in the Lavapiés neighborhood just a year ago, occurred during the early hours of Saturday. “A neighbor told us that she saw him on Sunday, when she was walking with her dog,” explains one of those responsible for the entity, Jorge Beltrán. From Kifkif, they explain to this writing that they feel “unprotected” in the face of two acts of vandalism that have occurred just three days apart.

If this Sunday the premises appeared covered with excrement, on Thursday the workers found themselves homophobic and “hateful against the LGBTI collective”, as denounced by the NGO. Along with those graffiti, the name of the far-right VOX party was written.

“It may be that they are linked or that it is a coincidence,” explains Beltrán, who points out, however, “that it is a bit strange that they are unrelated” as they occurred in such a short space of time. It is the first time that the place suffers an attack of this type. But at Kifkif they are concerned about the uncertainty of “what will be next.” “I am worried about what I will find tomorrow, because we are at street level and we are very exposed,” he laments.

The workers of the entity, which turns 19 this Monday, decided this morning to clean the premises to continue with their work and “give a certain security” to its users. Kifkif serves LGTBI international protection applicants, migrants and refugees. They are a particularly vulnerable group, without financial resources and, on many occasions, living on the streets. For this reason, it is important for the entity to offer them a safe space. “If they find that like this, they may think it is not,” warns Beltrán.

So far this year, the entity has carried out around 4,000 services to LGTBI migrants. “They are people who have been fleeing threats, aggressions, LGTBIphobia. People with many fears and traumas due to the migration process, who have to adapt to a new country and who arrive with the uncertainty of what they will find, what they have left behind, and start over, “explains Beltrán.

Meanwhile, at Kifkif they assure that they will not “be defeated by these attacks” and that they will take “all measures” to protect their team. In addition, through their social networks they have thanked “the solidarity and affection” of the neighbors of the neighborhood, who have “helped in this unpleasant situation.”

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