Saturday, September 25

The heavens were opened, the trumpets of Jericó sounded and Díaz Ayuso gave birth to a mouse

Politicians are always in a hurry in September to remind us that they exist. And no one is faster drawing a gun than Isabel Díaz Ayuso. The day the Madrid government held its first meeting after the holidays, it appeared at the press conference to announce yet another chapter in its holy war against taxes. Under his scythe, fell the three that tax arcade machines in bars and restaurants, waste deposits by companies and the surcharge at the IAE. Three enemies of freedom that they harassed with treachery. Three tiny enemies, so small they were irrelevant. The IAE surcharge has risen to a staggering 0% since 2009, the waste surcharge has to disappear when a state garbage tax is passed in Congress, and the slot machine surcharge is a residual tax. Altogether, they represented 0.7 euros per inhabitant. It is what the newspaper ABC called dropping “a bomb.” One with seventy cents of shrapnel.

Socialist Hana Jalloul called it “pure smoke.” Monica Garcia, from Más Madrid, said it was a “neoliberal pantomime.” But with the fiscal theater, Ayuso made a few headlines, which is what it was all about.

Every step in the wars of religion, no matter how small, is a victory against the infidels. Now the Community of Madrid no longer has its own taxes. The Madrid president brought up those that have the CCAA governed by their rivals – for example, thirteen in Catalonia or six in Aragon – and the number of those executed by PP governments was kept silent (eight in Andalusia and six in Galicia). Surely you believe that these regional leaders of your party are not pure enough, although it would have been impolite to embarrass them in public.

“Every time Madrid has lowered taxes, this has translated into higher collection,” Ayuso said on Wednesday. From the outset, the elimination of these three taxes will have an impact close to zero. If a national government applied that recipe, it would soon discover how wrong it is. The case of a community like Madrid is different. Thanks to the capitalization effect and the attraction of the highest incomes, it manages to raise more money despite its tax cuts to the richest. It is what other CCAA call “fiscal dumping”.

All that extra money earned by the higher income of its inhabitants could be used in public services, but that would be like giving a victory to atheistic communism. For this reason, Madrilenians who have tried to make an appointment for their GP this summer have discovered that they will have to wait so long that it is better that they go to the emergency room. Or trust that his time has not yet come. Meanwhile, the wealthiest in Madrid have saved almost 6 billion euros from the wealth tax since 2011.

Díaz Ayuso also started strongly within his game. This time, it was time to point out about José Luis Martínez-Almeida and close a debate that does not exist for her. They are friends, but without going overboard. The day before, she had let some media know that she will run as a candidate to preside over the Madrid PP, a step forward with which to impose her power on the party that was seen coming since her victory in the May elections.

The mayor of Madrid was a bit cold when asked on Wednesday about the president’s intentions. No joke came out, as it happens other times. He did give a little taunt, the kind that produce tenderness due to their lukewarm effects. He affirmed that the PP is very well with its current leadership, represented by Pío García Escudero and Ana Camins. He even gave them the highest credit for “the electoral results and the mobilization” of the electorate in the May elections. When Ayuso finds out that someone wants to take away the credit for HIS victory, it is possible that he will get a small doll of the mayor with which to test the virtues of voodoo needles.

For minor things, it is enough that subordinates do what is expected of them. The appointment of a presumably temporary administrator in the regional radio and television until the vote in the Assembly has made it possible to place trusted journalists in front of their news programs. Those to whom in theory you do not have to phone every day so that they do not give you scares (although it is clear that they will call them). For now, they have already proceeded to replace Telemadrid presenters, with which the chain traced the audiences of its news in recent years.

Those who come will be very clear how important it is to reduce taxes to save Western civilization. Don’t call it a purge, it is a spiritual purification.

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