Friday, January 21

The hidden plot against Pope Francis

Understanding the Vatican is not easy. It requires years of experience, many contacts of all stripes and a certain analytical capacity free from ideological prejudices. However, it is much more bearable and even popular to speak – often without knowledge of the cause – of the Church with lightness, a lot of passion, cultivating the topics and at the end of the day using arguments for or against ideology as a banner.

I have tried for 35 years to exercise respectful journalism towards people of faith, but not for that reason removed from the harsh realities that emerged at every turn. I believe in journalism that is as objective, rigorous and honest as possible.

In the book “Intrigues and power in the Vatican” (Roca, November 2021) I have poured a large number of personal experiences, interviews, situations … a privilege that I now want to share and that allow to address, on a trip to which I invite the reader to join me, the most controversial issues that make up the current reality of the Holy See. Much information that in a television medium due to the brevity it demands and the need for images it requires (I have been for almost four decades a special sent from TV3 to the Vatican) was always difficult to capture.

The kingdom of impunity

Now I can offer data and transcribe opinions of anonymous or well-known protagonists who were left in the inkwell and that I sincerely believe that they allow the reader to understand the plots and mechanisms that move the institution and also the world around the equation of power, money and sex . I also show clear examples of the abuses of power (corruption, pedophilia …) that are manifested as a reflection of a culture marked by secular impunity.

Nothing is foreign to me because it should not be foreign to a Vaticanist. Reality on many occasions exceeds fiction and those certainties of reality must be told no matter how harsh they are. The reality of a very unknown and exciting universe where to find truth, goodness, coherence and spirituality, but also lies, evil, hypocrisy, and worldliness.

I approach openly, discovering them little by little, many hidden episodes of the pontificates of John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francisco. The pact to destroy communism, how and why Wojtyla was chosen, the secret of his popularity, Vatileaks 1 and 2, the reasons for Ratzinger’s historic and courageous resignation, the keys to assassinations and kidnappings in the Holy See, the mysterious death of John Paul I with an exceptional witness, the infiltration of the Mafia in the Vatican bank … We also spoke with an agent of the Vatican espionage services, with Giulio Andreotti, Swiss guards, officials and cardinals of the Curia …, with convinced defenders of the reforms of Francisco and also his enemies.

Objective Bergoglio

And it is now on this last issue that I want to briefly influence since, although I absolutely avoid legends and conspiracy theories, it can be affirmed that there is currently an authentic international plot against the current Argentine pope. The data speaks for itself.

Bergoglio, after his recent admission to hospital for an operation on the colon, surprised with an enigmatic statement: “Some wanted me dead.” I have been able to analyze this hidden objective reality in depth from the existence of an external and internal plot whose objective is to neutralize the enormous influence of Francisco as an ethical and moral leader of the 21st century that goes against the tide.

The Argentine pontiff is at this moment an annoying stone in the shoe of those who want a world with walls, exclusive nationalisms, climate change deniers and COVID, without rights for women or homosexuals, with severed freedoms and social conquests. In short, a world where justice and control are exercised by the powerful against the most vulnerable that Francis defines as “discarded.”

Externally, characters like Steve Bannon project with enormous economic resources, the control of fake news and strategies of social manipulation, a new post-pandemic world order. They do this by whitewashing the neo-fascisms they want to bring to power, endowing them with a new populist and easy language that not only the elites but also the popular classes embrace with enthusiasm.

This design has its fanatical followers among the North American bishops aligned in the sector linked to former President Donald Trump. Others, all over the world (counting many diocese holders in Spain), enthusiastically join these ranks of the protest. Likewise, within the Vatican walls, cardinals such as Raymond Burke, Robert Sarah, Gerhard Müller … have tried to unite Pope emeritus Benedict XVI to their cause with a discreet result and they constantly seek excuses (even theological ones) to discredit the current pontificate, whom they qualify without the slightest blush of heretic and usurper. For this they do not rule out drastic or more moderate solutions such as leading Bergoglio towards a resignation.

“Mutatis mutandis”

In short, I have tried to write a personal chronicle of my professional work within the Vatican walls. The Catalan edition of the book has become, to my surprise and unlimited gratitude to the readers, into a best seller with seven editions since its appearance in February of this year.

My only wish has been to shed a little light on the darkness, to open a debate that I have always imagined rich in nuances and arguments. Make a text that can be read with ease and interest by readers, whether they are believers or not, and who wish to discover a fascinating and surprising world that is still very opaque.

There is an expression in Latin, “Mutatis mutandis“, which means” changing things that must be changed. “The Vatican, in my view, is today the scene of an open war between those who believe that it should be this way and those who prefer not to remove anything while preserving privileges and perpetuating traditions secular Who will win the final battle? I am not a fortune teller. Just a simple journalist.