Saturday, March 25

The highest body of UPN endorses the proposal to expel Sayas and Adanero by a large majority

The Committee of Guarantees and Discipline of UPN, the body in charge of verifying if the deputies Sergio Sayas and Carlos García Adanero broke the party’s statutes by lying to the leadership of Javier Esparza and voting against the labor reform in contravention of the decision of the regionalists, will decide in the next few days whether to expel them. Meanwhile, this Saturday the political council has met -the party’s highest body between congresses made up of 232 representatives- and has endorsed Javier Esparza with 80% support and the proposal for his expulsion approved this Friday by the Executive. One of those affected, García Adanero, had shown minutes before knowing the data his conviction that he and his partner would not have the majority support of their co-religionists, to the point that they have remained at just 15%.

UPN blows up after the rebellion of its two deputies for the labor reform

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In the event that the committee for guarantees and discipline decides to expel Sayas and Adanero from the party, UPN will remain without representation in Congress for the first time since 1979, while two deputies will remain in the Mixed Group as independents by refusing to hand over their proceedings. In addition, there is the circumstance that, even if they did and resigned, the next on the Navarra Suma list, the confluence of UPN, PP and Ciudadanos created in 2019 for the regional, general and municipal elections, are Cristina Sanz Barrios (PP ) and Sonia Pérez Martínez (Citizens).

Both Sergio Sayas and Carlos García Adanero, who have attended the meeting of the political council, have been sure of their position. In addition, Adanero has pointed out: “I hope that the office of the founder of UPN, Jesús Aizpún, collaborates in my defense, which I think is the best we can do.” However, he himself, at the start, has taken the defeat for granted, later confirmed with the numbers. Another source had expressed himself in the same sense and has indicated that the atmosphere in the conclave, held in the Navarra Arena, was of majority support for the theses of the president, Javier Esparza. This contrasts with the 40% support that, at the time, Sayas gathered in the primaries in which he disputed the leadership of UPN with Esparza, held in the summer of 2020.

Upon leaving the meeting of the political council, Javier Esparza thanked the party’s highest body for its support of his decision and pointed out that Sayas and Adanero “with the decision they have made have weakened UPN, because UPN is a party that has word, we can be right or wrong, but we have a word, and if we make a decision, it is fulfilled”. “That is what has been questioned,” lamented the regionalist, who considered that with the political council’s decision “it returns to normal, UPN continues to be a force that will keep its word.”

Asked by journalists if the PP was aware of the change in the direction of Sayas and Adanero’s vote, Esparza explained that he had spoken with the president of the ‘popular’ party, Pablo Casado, “and he told me that the PP has not participated ” in this decision and that “I have no reason not to believe Pablo Casado”.

For his part, Sergio Sayas defended his vote against the labor reform, assuring that “UPN could not become Sánchez’s doormat, a party trampled on by someone who was telling us that this pact was for Spain and that the next day I was going to put my hand to nationalism again to destroy Spain”.