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The Highest Paying Jobs in the US That Don’t Require a Professional Title | Digital Trends Spanish

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America is the land of opportunity, the motto goes. Opportunities to embark on a freelance career or land the dream job is the dream of many. But if you don’t know where to start looking, we have selected the highest paying jobs in America that do not require professional title.

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While a college degree is not required, some occupations require prior experience, specialized certifications, or a federal license. Where appropriate, we have included those options as well.

Nuclear reactor operator

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Average salary: $ 50.02 per hour / $ 104,040 per year.

In the United States, there are currently 55 commercial nuclear plants operating 93 nuclear reactors in 28 states, with Illinois leading the way. It is possible that this type of energy is in retreat, but in the short and medium term the position of operator of a nuclear power plant is one of the most attractive in terms of salaries: 104,040 dollars a year.

What does a nuclear reactor operator do? Among their functions, they must operate the reactor control levers, turn the equipment on and off, adjust the controls and record the data in the corresponding registers. In addition, they are in charge of implementing emergency procedures.

Job offers Certifications available Required licenses

Logistics manager

Average salary: $ 46.34 per hour / $ 96,390 per year.

Planning, directing or coordinating transport, storage or distribution activities is one of the main functions that a company in charge of logistics operations must fulfill. Individuals in this role are estimated to earn, on average, $ 96,390 per year, although most offerings require 5 years of experience in similar roles.

Available offers Certifications Licenses

Power distribution technician

electrical technician
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Average salary: $ 46.34 per hour / $ 96,390 per year.

Planning and ensuring the proper operation of electrical or steam power distribution equipment is the main task of this position, which can fill you to earn about $ 96,390 annually. In most cases, at least one year of seniority in similar positions is required. And although they are not necessary, a pre-certification is always welcome.

Job offers Certifications

Elevator / Escalator Technician

Elevator operator
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Average salary: $ 42.57 per hour / $ 88,540 per year.

Installing, repairing, or regularly servicing escalators or elevators is one of the highest-paying jobs in America, and it doesn’t require a degree or college degree: About half of the people who work in this job only have a high school license. It is enough to have the technical knowledge and have a federal certification to perform in this job, so you can earn an average of $ 88,000 annually. Some states also require a license.

Available offers Certifications Licenses

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