Tuesday, July 5

The husband of one of the teachers killed in the shooting in Texas dies of a heart attack

Joe García, husband of Irma García, one of the teachers killed in the Uvalde shooting, died this Thursday after suffering a heart attack two days after the shooting at the Robb Elementary School center, which ended the life of 19 children and two teachers.

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John Martínez, nephew of Irma García, has announced the death of his uncle through his Twitter: “My aunt Irma’s husband, Joe García, has died of grief.”

“I deeply believe that Joe died with a broken heart, losing who had been the love of his life for more than 25 years was too hard to bear,” Debra Austin, cousin of Irma García, has also expressed in the fundraising text that have been organized by relatives of the couple.

Irma’s nephew and cousin have recalled that the couple, who had been married for 24 years, left behind four orphaned children – 23, 19, 15 and 13 years old – after the mass murder carried out by Salvador Ramos, 18 years old and a neighbor of the county, which killed 21 people. “No child should go through this,” Martínez denounced.

Speaking to NBC, Christian García, his eldest son, has recounted his father’s heart attack after sitting with the family for a few minutes on returning home: “He simply fell. They tried chest compressions and nothing worked. The ambulance arrived and they couldn’t revive him.”

Irma García, a teacher for 23 years at Robb Elementary School, and Eva Mireles, the other teacher, did everything possible to protect the children, according to what witnesses have confirmed to Christian García himself.

The murdered minors and teachers were in the same class, in which Salvador Ramos barricaded himself and fired indiscriminately at those present until he was shot down by the police.

In 147 days of the year 2022 there have been 213 mass shootings and 10 mass murders. This latest school shooting has reopened the debate on the prohibition or regulation of weapons in the United States.