Wednesday, August 10

The hydrogen car is “absurd” for the CEO of Audi, who is committed to 100% electric cars for the future

“Simply absurd”. That’s how Markus Duesmann, CEO of Audi, has described hydrogen cars in an interview that has given a car newspaper. The executive thus makes it clear that the German manufacturer is going to dedicate all its efforts to what it considers to be the only future for domestic cars: 100% electric motors.

“In the end you only have an electric car with a smaller battery”

We had already known for a few months that Audi was going to stop making combustion cars in 2026, but now we also know that they don’t share plans like Toyota’s and their hydrogen sedans.

The argument that Duesmann puts on the table to qualify hydrogen cars in this way is that you have to go through an additional phase with respect to the electricalEnergy is needed to be able to generate hydrogen, and that hydrogen needs more energy to become electricity and movement again. With a purely electric car you only need to convert the electricity provided by the moving battery, nothing more: “In the end you only have an electric car with a smaller battery”.

In addition, Duesmann also thinks that there is not so much green hydrogen (that is, generated without polluting) in the world to meet the demand that millions of cars would generate, and that it prefers to use that hydrogen to make steel. The executive also hopes that over time we will solve the main challenges of the electric car such as car recharging time and building more charging ports.

But just because Audi doesn’t believe in this power source doesn’t mean there are no plans for it. Germany itself works in hydrogen trains, Denmark and Norway weight use it on a Ferry and Air Nostrum wants to start take off with hydrogen in your planes in four years. Will be a technology to consider as combustion cars disappear and demand changes.

Image | Martin Katler