Thursday, December 2

The Hyundai Seven, fully revealed: an extra living room of our house that we can take with us wherever we want

Two days ago, Hyundai hinted at some details of a new concept car called Seven. Now the manufacturer has shown it in all its splendor, confirming that with him he wants us to take a small living room and all its comforts wherever we want.

The car of the future is not a car, it is a room on wheels

The exterior design of the car reminds a station wagon with classic lines, with the rear part evoking those straight designs that triumphed in past decades. All of its lights are grids, and its rear-view mirrors are actually cameras that show what they record on interior screens. The total length of the car is 3.2 meters.

But what is most striking about the Hyundai Seven is undoubtedly its interior: we have two front “seats” that can be rotated 180 degrees, forming a small room with the corner sofa in the back. The simplicity of the interior hides side tables, screens, compartments for drinks and even corners with points of light in the doorframe itself.

The glass in the doors “merge” with those in the doors and rear to create a 360-degree view of our surroundings, and the ceiling is crowned by a huge screen capable of displaying content from social networks or for meditation.

It is not something that they show too much in the concept, but the steering wheel of this Hyundai Seven is a joystick which reduces driving controls to a minimum. At a theoretical level we have a range of 480 km and a load of 0% to 80% in twenty minutes. The icing on the cake is provided by an air purification system using ultraviolet light.

At the moment all this is a concept, a vision of what Hyundai is looking for for the cars of the future. Obviously it promises a lot with CGI, but in real life everything will change. We will see it (or not) in a few years.

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