Thursday, December 9

The IBEX 35 will examine the health of the Spanish economy

In the midst of the war between the Spanish Government and national and international organizations, which do not stop revising GDP downwards, it is time to find out the true health of the Spanish economy.

The IBEX 35 majors begin to be accountable to the market. From their numbers and, above all, their forecasts for the coming months, we will know where we are in the recovery.

With the Government trying to flood the playing field with the crude argument that GDP is an “insufficient indicator” (Calviño dixit) to measure the resources and capacity of a country’s economy, the IBEX results season has even longer relevance.

The results support the exchanges

At the moment, the accounts for the third quarter are becoming a great support for the stock markets. More than 80 percent of the companies that have presented results in the United States have exceeded expectations.

Investors, who were very nervous about the many fronts that the markets have open, seem to have signed a truce with inflation, central banks, China, etc. and only have eyes for corporate profits.

If the IBEX 35 manage to ride this wave of optimism, it is very possible that the indicator could consolidate the 9,000 points that it has just surpassed and that open the door to greater challenges.

Shift to Banco Santander and Iberdrola

Today it is the turn of Banco Santander, which will lead the way for those who come from behind. Experts do not rule out “positive surprises” in the numbers you present.

According to the market consensus, the entity chaired by Ana Botín will obtain a profit of 1,890 million euros in the third quarter. In the first nine months the earnings will be 5,565 million euros, compared to the 9,000 million that it lost a year ago.

Iberdrola will also release its figures in full swing with the Government after the intervention of the utility companies and after a quarter marked by the Villarejo case.

A solid profit of more than 2,300 million euros is expected for the Basque company.

Indra and Pharmamar will complete the presentations in the selective index. The Continuum includes those of Ebro Foods and Mediaset.

Companies to know the evolution of consumption

At the international level, and waiting for Thursday to present Amazon y Apple, it will be a good time to know the evolution of consumption.

Coca-Cola and Mc Donalds in the United States and Nestle in Europe they will give an account of it.

They will complete the day on both sides of the Atlantic Ford, Boeing, General Motors, Deutsche Bank, Heineken y Basf, among other companies.