Thursday, December 9

‘The ideal financial advice’, to be debated at the Foro Asesores Financieros

Analyzing what the future of financial advice will be like is the main topic of the first table of the Financial Advisors Forum organized by the magazine INVESTMENT under the title ‘The ideal financial advice’, which will be broadcast today at 6 pm.

You can follow the forum from here.

The big question to be answered by the speakers is the present and future impact of bank mergers on the profession and those in charge of doing so will be Jaime Garcia, responsible for the network of financial advisers in the southern area of ​​Banco Mediolanum, and Enrique palmer, director of business development at Mapfre Gestión Patrimonial, together with Alejandro Ramirez, director of INVESTMENT.

Other issues that will be addressed are the demands that the advisers make to the entities with which they work to carry out their work effectively, if it is possible to align the interests of the advisers with these entities, if there is a clear commitment of the bank to the financial advisers and if bank mergers project the figure of the financial advisor.

second table

The second meeting of the forum will take place Thursday, October 21, also at 6:00 p.m., and will deal with ‘The Power of Long-Term Savings’.

It will analyze how, despite the fact that long-term saving is unbeatable to achieve the financial objectives set by savers, in Spain this dogma is not followed and the saver has a limited savings horizon of between 18 and 24 months , when in other neighboring countries this is extended between five and seven years.

They will participate in this round of experts Ana Rosa Castro, sales director of Nordea Spain; Miguel Puertas, founding partner of Asset Growth 239, and Francisco Marquez de Prado, sales executive for the Spanish market of JP Morgan Asset Management, which will be moderated by Jose Miguel Maté, Vice President of EFPA Spain.