Monday, August 2

The illegal crossing of the English Channel reaches a new daily record with the arrival of 430 immigrants



At least 430 immigrants crossed the English Channel into the United Kingdom on Monday, which marks a new daily record. Dozens of people, including women and young children, have been seen walking ashore after a beach landing on the Kent coast, while others have reached other locations.

And concretely, and Dungeness, and Kent, about 50 people have been seen disembarking on a beach after crossing aboard in a single boat, believed to have left northern France or Belgium early in the day before crossing the dangerous 33.5-kilometer Strait of Dover.

The vessel had been monitored by the RNLI as it drew ever closer to shore before finally landing on the beach at around 1:00 p.m. (local time). Among those who have arrived there were women and children, some too young to walk, and some people have had to be helped while walking to the beach.

This Monday’s figure exceeds the previous daily high of 416 set in September 2020, according to data compiled by the PA news agency. The high number of crossings has continued this summer despite Interior Minister Priti Patel’s promise to make the canal crossings “unviable”. Also this Monday, the plans for radical reform of the asylum system, dubbed by critics and activists as the anti-refugee bill, have been debated again in Parliament.

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