Monday, January 17

The IMF is preparing to release the report on the loan it granted to the Macri government

An IMF spokesperson noted: “The Ex-Post Assessment was conceived as a mechanism to draw lessons after an exceptional access agreement is completed. For countries where a new post-program is contemplated, it is desirable to complete the Ex-Post Evaluation before it is considered by the Board of Executive Directors. As such, we expect the Fund’s Executive Board to discuss the report in the week of December 20. “

In this sense, the agency’s statement is a clear response to the request of President Alberto Fernández, who stated: “We are making progress in building understandings with the IMF so that we can reach an agreement on that basis. But we must do everything to prevent something from happening again like what happened with the program that the previous government signed and that did so much damage to Argentina. That is why we ask the IMF that before we close a new agreement, make its evaluation of what was the failed Stand-By program for which 44 billion dollars were disbursed that were misused in paying unsustainable debt and financing exit of capital ”.

A team of officials from the Ministry of Economy and the Central Bank (BCRA) will travel to Washington tomorrow to meet with the IMF staff.

This mission will be chaired by the Argentine representative and the Southern Cone before the IMF, Sergio Chodos. Also traveling will be the Secretary for Economic Policy, Fernando Morra, the Secretary for Finance, Raúl Rigo and the Undersecretary for Financing Ramiro Tosi. Directors Germán Feldman and Jorge Carrera will do it for the BCRA.

The IMF’s message this morning can be understood as a recognition of the Argentine leadership in the midst of the talks, which could give the country, say related sources, greater flexibility in the body’s conditions.