Monday, May 16

The Inadeh began its first training period of 2022 this Monday

The National Institute of Vocational Training and Training for Human Development (Inadeh) began this Monday, January 17, its first training period of 2022 with a schedule of 2,100 courses that respond to the demand for qualified personnel required by the productive sectors.

Complying with all biosecurity measures, the 23 Vocational Training Centers of the Inadeh andThey will begin to receive in the three days of courses the participants who have the complete vaccination schedule, which in accordance with Resolution No. 0017 of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) establishes the new immunization schedule in Panama with three doses against the coronavirus (COVID-19), starting on February 16.

Since the beginning of January, staff from all the offices of the Inadeh They carry out different actions to promote the academic offer so that Panamanians from all over the national territory take advantage of the training opportunities offered by the institution with the aim of linking them with the labor market and starting their own business.

The director general of the Inadeh, Virgilio Sousa Valdés, reported that the first period of courses begins with 2,100 courses, however, by 2022 the institution scheduled more than 6,000 trainings that will be taught in the virtual, face-to-face and semi-face-to-face modality at the venues, while mobile actions in those places that have already coordinated with the JCommunal councils, companies, churches, government institutions, Infoplazas and Non-Governmental Organizations (ONG´s).

For this first period of courses, which runs until March 30, courses will be taught in the areas of Gastronomy, Communication Technology, Languages, Business Management, Hospitality and Tourism, Agriculture, Automotive Mechanics, Metalworking, Heavy Equipment, Logistics , Port, Dressmaking, Crafts, Beauty and Aesthetics, Entrepreneurship, Industrial Safety, Environment, Civil Construction, Joinery, Upholstery, Electricity, Electronics and Refrigeration, Maritime and Human Development.

In accordance with Sousa Valdés, A significant number of trainings will be made available in the virtual modality so as not to stop the teaching and learning process in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic reactivation process carried out by the National Government with the support of the private sector and unions. business.

In compliance with health regulations, from the January 3 Nebulizations and cleaning days are being carried out in the Vocational Training Centers so that the participants, instructors and administrative staff have safe spaces, he specified.