Wednesday, July 6

The incidence among young people already exceeds the barrier of a thousand cases after climbing 136 points in one day

The cumulative incidence (AI) continues to increase among young people between 20 and 29 years of age and scales 136 points in 24 hours, to stand at 1,047 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. As reported by Health this Friday, the incidence rises in all the autonomous communities except in Valencia (which has not communicated new data) and the average rate is 316 cases, so it gains 38 points in 24 hours. In that period, six people have died of coronavirus – the lowest number since last summer – and 21,879 have been infected.

The cumulative incidence in Navarra in the 12-19 age group continues to be striking, with 2,580 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. In the case of young people between 20-29 years old, the most notable incidences are those of Catalonia, with 2,576 cases; Castilla y León, with 2,300 cases, Cantabria, with 1,964 cases, and Asturias, with 1,729.

As for the new 21,879 infections, in figures very similar to those registered yesterday and the day before yesterday (at levels of last February) they are distributed as follows: 10,022 in Catalonia, 2,804 in Andalusia, 2,069 in Madrid and 1,834 in Castilla y Lion.

Regarding hospitalization, and after the data were not updated yesterday, this Friday Health notifies that 3,121 people remain admitted for COVID-19, which represents a hospital occupancy rate of 6.58, while yesterday it was of 5.9%. The percentage of occupied ICU beds is 6.88, while yesterday it was 6.55%.

Regarding the vaccination process, today we have learned that almost 90% of those over 40 have already received at least one dose. In total, 44.3% of the Spanish population has already received two doses of the coronavirus vaccine, thus leaving a total of 20,999,346 million citizens immunized. In the last 24 hours, 688,005 doses have been administered, so that the total of doses administered since the start of the campaign amounts to 46,612,489 doses.

Incidence in tourism

These figures are known on the day that Germany has included Spain in the list of risk regions for COVID-19, the lowest of its three alert levels, due to the rebound in incidence in recent days. The inclusion in the list of risk regions – contrary to the qualifications of “risk due to high incidence” and “risk due to dangerous variant” – hardly has direct repercussions for German tourists who are in Spain or plan to travel to Spain in the next days.

Meanwhile, Primary Care services in some regions are already noticing the overload of work, while the Government hopes that reinforcing the traces will be enough to stop this already classified as the fifth wave. For this, they have given the communities five million tests for screening and the Army trackers, which are not a specific number but Defense will make available those that are needed, health sources comment.