Wednesday, July 6

The incidence among young people continues to skyrocket: it adds another 97 points and now reaches 911

The cumulative incidence (AI) continues to increase among young people between the ages of 20 and 29 and scales more than 97 points in 24 hours, to stand at 911 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. As reported by Health this Thursday, the incidence rises in all autonomous communities and the average rate is 277 cases, so it gains 25 points in 24 hours. In that period, 28 people have died with coronavirus and 17,317 have been infected.

Especially striking is the cumulative incidence in Navarra in the 12 to 19 age group, with 2,442 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. In the case of young people between 20-29 years of age, the most notable incidences are those of Catalonia, with 2,165 cases; Castilla y León, with 1,951 cases and Cantabria, with 1,774 cases.

As for the 17,317 new infections, in figures very similar to those registered yesterday (at the levels of last February) they are distributed as follows: 4,788 in Catalonia, 2,320 in Andalusia, 1,906 in Castilla y León and 1,848 in Madrid.

With regard to hospitalization, the figures are exactly the same for the second day in a row: 2,829 people remain hospitalized for COVID-19, representing a hospital occupancy rate of 5.9%. The rate of occupied ICU beds also remained at 6.55%.

Pressure in Primary Care

The increase in coronavirus infections in recent weeks has begun to be noticed both in hospitals and in Primary Care. Catalonia has asked asymptomatic contacts not to go to health centers and confine themselves. Only those with symptoms will be tested for PCR.

During the Interterritorial Council on Wednesday, the Ministry of Health closed the door to reinstate a night curfew due to the advance of infections associated with young people. In fact, Sánchez himself had denied this possibility already in the morning. This Thursday, the Valencian Community has requested authorization from the Justice to return to the curfew and has closed the nightlife.

According to the new restrictions in Valencia, the entertainment venues will only be able to function as bars and cafes until 12:30 a.m., the hospitality industry advances the closing half an hour and the curfew will initially be applied in the 40 municipalities with the most infections.

In Castilla y León, nightclubs will have to close earlier, specifically at 02:00 in the morning, and bar consumption will be banned again.

More than 20 million people with complete guideline

Source: Ministry of Health (data updated to )

This Thursday leaves us again a round figure in terms of the rate of vaccination. More than 20 million people in Spain (exactly 20,528,505) are already vaccinated against COVID-19 with the complete schedule. This is 43.3% of the population.

According to the vaccination report distributed by the Ministry of Health, yesterday more than 690,000 vaccines were administered in Spain. At this time, 45.9 million doses have been administered and 27.2 million people have at least one vaccine against the coronavirus.

The Government hopes to vaccinate 70% of the Spanish population this summer. The Government relies on vaccination and tracking to stop the outbreak of infections in recent weeks.