Saturday, October 23

The incidence drops to 41 cases and the number of ICU patients falls below 500

The incidence in Spain has dropped to 41.45 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The data of the pandemic continues with a downward trend: this Monday, the week began with less than 2,000 hospitalizations for COVID-19 for the first time since there are occupancy records.

By age groups, all the strata that enter into the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 have less than 45 accumulated incidence cases. Specifically, people between 12 and 19 years of age have the lowest incidence rate, with 29.73 cases per 100,000 inhabitants; compared to children under 12 years of age, who are the only ones who do not enter the immunization campaign and have 59.69 incidence cases.

Spain has notified 2,758 new infections this Wednesday, a slight increase compared to the same day last week, when 2,303 new cases were registered, although it must be taken into account that the data for this Wednesday correspond to Monday and Tuesday. In total, 4,980,206 people have been infected by COVID since the start of the pandemic.

Hospitalizations continue with a downward trend and this Wednesday 1,908 hospitalized persons were reported. On the other hand, the number of hospitalized in ICU falls below 500, with 486 patients; while the occupancy in the ICU drops to 5.33%, and the occupancy of beds of patients with COVID is at 1.57%.

The health authorities have also reported 42 deaths, making a total of 86,869 deaths from COVID since the start of the pandemic. It represents a decrease compared to last Wednesday, when 57 deaths were reported.

How is the epidemic evolving now?

Evolution of the cases and deaths reported, those hospitalized and those admitted to the ICU each day and the variation in the last 7 days

Source: Ministry of Health

Catalunya, which adds 741 new cases; Andalusia, with 437; and Madrid, with 413 new positives, are the regions with the highest number of new cases. All communities lower their incidence rate, and almost all communities are at low risk for COVID, except Catalonia (69), Cantabria (63), Aragon (58), Euskadi (53) and the Balearic Islands (50).

84% of people 12 to 19 years old with at least one dose of anti-COVID

79.7% of people in Spain have at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, that is, 37,830,132 vaccinated with a puncture, while 77.9% have the complete schedule.

By age group, the 12 to 19-year-old stratum has already reached 84% of people with at least one dose. They are the last group to join the immunization campaign and one of the most advanced: 78% of people in the 30-39 age group have at least one anti-COVID injection.

Likewise, Spain is on its way to 350,000 booster doses against COVID-19, with 349,748 punctures.

All Andalusia returns to normal without restrictions except for two areas of Almería

All the Andalusian provinces are at zero level of health alert for coronavirus except Almería, which still maintains two health districts at level 1 including that of the capital, from midnight on Wednesday to Thursday, October 14.

This has been agreed by the territorial committees of High Impact Public Health Alert in the telematic meetings held this Wednesday, which have established the measures in force by municipalities for the next seven days. Thus, all Andalusia will be at level 0 of health alert for Covid this week except for two areas of Almería, specifically the health district of the capital and the North Health Management Area. In this same province, the Poniente district does drop to level 0.

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