Saturday, October 23

The incidence drops to

The incidence in Spain has fallen to 54.12 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. In this way, the downward trend in incidence continues, which stood at 65.42 cases per 100,000 inhabitants last Monday, 11 more cases compared to this Monday.

Spain has notified this Monday 4,271 new infections registered during the weekend, a decrease compared to the same day last week, when 5,039 new cases were registered. In total, 4,965,399 people have been infected by COVID since the start of the pandemic.

Health authorities have also reported 64 deaths since registered since Friday, making a total of 86,527 deaths from COVID since the start of the pandemic. It represents a decrease compared to last Monday, when 69 deaths were reported.

The third dose, a lifeline against fear in nursing homes

Fear in nursing homes is “something inside the chest like that that doesn’t go away,” says Consuelo del Valle, an 85-year-old woman who has been institutionalized for more than a decade in the Madrid town of Bustarviejo. Fear is so capricious that it also lives here, in the El Concejo residence, where there has been – in an extraordinary anomaly – no positive case of COVID-19 in the entire pandemic, according to its director, Lorena García. The third dose of the vaccine, administered by Red Cross personnel, has been received as a “blessing” among the consecrated women who run the residence. “There were grandparents who were very low in antibodies and this gives us peace of mind,” admits García.

The Public Health Commission gave the go-ahead two weeks ago to the extra injection for residents regardless of their age or pathologies. Despite the fact that the Ministry of Health recommended co-administering this new dose together with the flu vaccine –which by age group belongs to this same population–, the autonomous communities began to apply it as soon as they could. In the refrigerators there were thousands of vials due to the slowdown –logical– in the rate of vaccination. About 80% of the population in Spain has a complete pattern.

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