Wednesday, November 30

The incidence falls 143 points and Health registers 74,368 new infections and 183 deaths

The incidence registers a new decrease and drops 143 points from Wednesday to 2,420.63 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. This rate registered maximums of more than 3,400 points in mid-January, although it has already been falling for weeks in this last sixth wave. Despite the fact that cases per 100,000 inhabitants have reached record figures in recent months, deaths and hospitalizations are still far from the worst data recorded at other times in the coronavirus pandemic.

Daily infections are also beginning to slightly decrease. The average in the sixth wave exceeded 100,000 daily, and now the country falls below that figure. This Thursday Health reports 74,368 new positives, which makes a total since the beginning of the epidemiological situation of 10,199,716 infected.

Those over 50 years of age have the lowest incidence rates of all age groups. Meanwhile, people aged 11 and under report more than 4,500 cases, almost two thousand cases more than the national average.

Hospital pressure decreases slightly: the percentage of occupied beds in the ICU by COVID patients goes from 21.34% this Wednesday to 20.63% registered in the last report. In addition, the number of people admitted to intensive care falls below 2,000, and stands at 1,947.

183 people have lost their lives due to COVID-19, as reflected in the latest update from the Ministry. The historical record handled by Health already points to 94,040 deaths due to the disease in Spain.

How is the epidemic evolving and how are we regarding the 3rd wave?

Evolution of cases and deaths reported, those hospitalized and those admitted to the ICU each day, the variation in last 7 days and the comparison with the peak of the 3rd wave of the pandemic

Source: Ministry of Health

By autonomous communities, Catalonia, the region with the highest incidence rate, reports 4,046.98 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. On the other hand, Andalusia reports 831.35 incidence points, and is the community with the lowest rate.

92% of those over 70 already have a booster dose against COVID-19

Spain continues to administer third doses and punctures that reinforce immunity against COVID-19. This Thursday, Health reports that 92% of people over 70 years of age already have this booster vaccine, while just over 76% of those over 40 years of age already have this third dose.

Meanwhile, the vaccination of children between 5 and 11 years of age is also advancing, the last to join the immunization strategy. 55.2% of this group have at least one anti-COVID dose.

In addition, 82.5% of the population has received at least one injection and 80.8%, the complete regimen.

Source: Ministry of Health (data updated to )

The end of an unrepeatable test: 34 volunteers were infected with COVID-19 to learn more about the virus

Twenty days after the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic, three researchers published an article that sparked an intense debate. In it they defended making a provocative study, in which healthy and young volunteers they would be infected by the coronavirus.

This, they claimed, could “replace” traditional phase 3 clinical trials, “accelerate” the arrival of the first vaccines, and “reduce” the global burden of SARS-CoV-2. In September it was confirmed that the experiment would take place in London (UK).

This week, almost exactly two years after the publication of that first text, Preliminary results shared of a unique and probably unrepeatable experiment.