Saturday, September 18

The incidence falls 15 points after a weekend with 7,804 new cases and 103 deaths

The incidence continues to fall in Spain and this Monday it has fallen 15 points to 116.13 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Last week Spain came out of the high risk of contagion after decreasing the incidence of 150 cases. This indicator registers a constant decline since July 27, when the peak of this fifth wave was reached.

The incidence falls in all the autonomous communities this weekend and also in all age groups. All the age groups except those from 12 to 19 are already below 150 cases of incidence and the groups from 50 to 79 are below 100.

The Ministry of Health has registered 7,804 new infections this Monday, a decrease compared to the previous Monday. On Mondays, the cases of the entire weekend are added, so this figure is not comparable with that of Friday. In total, 4,915,265 people have been infected by COVID since the start of the pandemic.

Catalonia, with 1,608 new cases; Andalusia, with 1,220; and Madrid, with 937; They are the communities that record the highest number of new infections since Friday.

The health authorities have also added 103 deaths since Friday, a figure that contrasts with the 133 the previous weekend. The global count of deaths from the pandemic amounts to 85,393.

Hospital pressure also drops and ICUs are already falling below the 13% barrier (12.80), after jumping half a point after the weekend. In total, there are 1,172 patients admitted for COVID in intensive care beds, about 50 less than on Friday. Occupancy of conventional beds with coronavirus patients drops 4% (3.92). There are 4,652 admitted in total.

Coronavirus reinfections represent less than 1% of cases and are difficult to confirm

Scientific knowledge about SARS-CoV-2 advances. The information collected by the Ministry of Health grows and is completed with the succession of waves. The fifth leaves a somewhat more accurate photograph of one of the blind spots of the epidemic: reinfections. The Carlos III Health Institute counts 9,082 cases until September 1, although only 8% of them, 729, are confirmed. The rest, the majority, are probable or possible.

The figures include the reinfection cases reported by the autonomous communities between May and September of this year to the National Epidemiological Surveillance Network (RENAVE). In the same period, the communities notified Health more than 1,300,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

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