Monday, September 20

The incidence falls another 21 points and Health adds 133 deaths and 9,639 new infections since Friday

The incidence maintains a downward path since July 27, when it was reached by a peak in this fifth wave, in 702 cases. This Monday, it stood at 176.74 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, a drop of 21 points compared to Friday. The contagion rate drops in all the autonomous communities, although Catalonia has not updated its data due to technical problems and the report reflects the same figures as on Friday.

The youngest groups also continue to improve their data and that of 20 to 29 and low levels of extreme risk of contagion, after reaching 220.44 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Young people from 12 to 19 fall below the 300-point barrier, to 296.12.

The Ministry of Health has notified 9,639 new infections registered during the weekend. This is a decrease compared to last Monday, when 15,489 new cases were reported and they represent the my This figure also chains a consecutive decrease on Mondays since the end of July. In total, since the start of the pandemic, 4,887,394 people have been infected by COVID-19.

Health also informs in its latest daily report of 133 deaths since Friday, a figure that represents a decrease compared to the previous weekend. The global balance of deaths from COVID-19 in this year and a half of the pandemic amounts to 84,928.

The pressure on hospitals continues on a downward trend and ICU occupancy is close to falling below the 15% threshold, with a total of 1,382 patients in intensive care beds. However, Catalonia and Madrid continue in numbers close to 30%, well above what is recommended by experts. In fact, they are the only communities that exceed the 20% barrier. Meanwhile, those hospitalized in conventional beds go from 6,245 on Friday to 5,776 this Monday, bringing the occupancy down 5% (4.90).

People vaccinated against COVID infect less

On August 6, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention they issued a recommendation on the maintenance of masks indoors. They were based on a report that the vaccinated had the same viral load in their upper respiratory tract as the unvaccinated. Since then, the dust that has arisen in this regard has been considerable. Some have taken advantage, in a display of fallacious and foolish recklessness, to ensure that, if this is the case, the usefulness of being vaccinated is called into question.

At last August 6 report, the American agency showed a study carried out with data from the state of Massachusetts, in which 469 people positive for COVID-19 in that state were analyzed and in which 74% corresponded to patients already vaccinated. The most controversial graph is the one below.

In it, it is observed that in the group of vaccinated people the same amount of virus is detected in the throat and upper airways as in those not vaccinated. That is, they have similar amounts of viral RNA. The most immediate conclusion, and one that has been echoed by many media, is that vaccinated people spread the same as non-vaccinated people. This is not exactly like this. Keep reading.

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