Wednesday, August 17

The incidence falls below 200 cases after a day with 155 deaths

The incidence rate has fallen this Friday below the barrier of 200 cases, a threshold from which it has not left for two months. The last time the 14-day incidence was below that barrier was on July 2. This Friday, it has reached 198.25 infections per 100,000 inhabitants, a drop of 12.37 points compared to Thursday. This indicator falls this Friday in all autonomous communities.

The incidence continues to decline among the younger age groups as well. The group from 20 to 29 registers an incidence of 267 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, after falling 25 points; and the one from 12 to 19 stays at 365, while yesterday it was at 399.

The Ministry of Health has also counted 155 deaths in the last 24 hours, for the 168 registered yesterday. It is, however, a slight increase compared to Friday, when 139 were counted. The global count of deaths with COVID during the health crisis amounts to 84,795.

The authorities have also reported 6,311 new infections in the last day, for the 9,561 registered on Thursday. In total, since the start of the pandemic, 4,877,755 people have been infected with COVID.

In Search of Vaccination Laggards: Who They Are and How to Get Them Dose

“I, the truth, is that I did not want to be vaccinated yet.” Angel, 25, and his brother Helder, 28, have about five minutes to wait in case the dose of Janssen they have just been given reacts. “I have read many theories, you know? And I wanted to wait a little longer. But my dad sent me by WhatsApp that today they were in the neighborhood and in the end I made up my mind,” he adds. The neighborhood is Trinitat Vella, in Barcelona, ​​one of those with the lowest vaccination coverage in the city. Only 46% with complete guideline.

In the most central square of the neighborhood, a device was set up this Thursday to capture for injection those who, for whatever reason, have not yet responded to the Administration’s call. Once the milestone of 70% of the vaccinated population in all of Spain has been exceeded, but knowing that it will be necessary to exceed 80% to reach a certain normality due to the delta variant, the autonomous communities begin to deploy strategies like this to reach the laggards.