Monday, August 8

The incidence rate continues to decline and Health registers 12,450 new infections

The 14-day incidence rate has registered a new drop this Friday, of another 15.38 points, and now stands at 345.18 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. With this, more than 100 points from a week ago.

The Ministry of Health has reported 12,450 new infections in the last 24 hours, a slight rebound compared to Thursday, when 12,445 new cases were reported. In total, since the start of the pandemic, 4,770,453 people have been infected with COVID-19.

By autonomous communities, Andalusia is the one that has reported the most cases this Friday (2,737), followed by Catalonia (1,870), Madrid (1,590) and the Valencian Community (1,119). On the other side are Ceuta (28), Melilla (42) and Asturias (85).

The authorities have also reported 132 deaths. This week, specifically on Thursday and Friday, a peak of deaths of this fifth wave was reached, with 144 daily deaths reported. Since the beginning of the health crisis, 83,136 people have died from COVID.

About 75% of the population in Spain has the first dose of the vaccine

The autonomous communities have already vaccinated 35,442,173 people with at least one dose, 74.7% of their inhabitants, bringing Spain closer to three-quarters of the population vaccinated with the first puncture.

After the 435,428 doses administered in the last 24 hours, the communities have vaccinated 65.5% of their inhabitants with the complete regimen (two doses of Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca or one of Janssen). In total, 63 million doses have been administered since the start of the campaign, in December 2020.

By age group, 91.1% of all those over 40 years of age are already fully immunized and 93.7% have at least the first dose. In addition, all those over 80 years old – and almost 100% of those over 70 – have the complete guideline.

Extremadura and Galicia have reached this Friday the goal of vaccinating 70% of their population with the complete schedule. They thus join Asturias, which also achieved it this week.

Specifically, Extremadura has vaccinated 70.6% with two doses of Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca, or a single dose of Janssen, the single-dose antidote, while 79.7% have at least the first puncture. The community is also one of the ones that maintains the best percentage of administered vaccines over those it has received, 99.9%.

Galicia, for its part, has 70.8% of its population immunized and 78.4% have at least the first injection. It is, after Asturias and Extremadura, the other region with the best percentage of vaccines administered over those received.

Half of the communities change the criteria and accelerate the vaccination of the newly infected

Summer has brought a notable slowdown in the rate of vaccinations against COVID-19 in Spain. Either because of holiday trips, or because now the most carefree need to be re-caught, the figures for weekly injections have fallen by 40% in August, and this has forced the autonomous communities to look for ways not to lose speed in the race to the group immunity. Many of them first chose to attend directly without an appointment, and now a few have also decided to advance the puncture to those who have recently suffered COVID-19.

In the last week, at least nine autonomous communities have announced that they have lowered this waiting margin for people to be vaccinated. Until now, according to the documents of the Ministry of Health, it was preferable to wait six months for all those who had passed the infection. But seven administrations have decided to reduce this minimum period to two months. This is the case of Catalonia, the Basque Country, Navarra, Castilla-La Mancha, the Valencian Community, the Canary Islands and Extremadura. Aragon and Madrid, meanwhile, are the only ones that have gone further and left it in a month.