Monday, September 27

The incidence slows down its decline and Health registers 190 deaths in one day, a record since May

The incidence at 14 days continues its downward progression in Spain and this Tuesday falls 11.74 points to 305.61 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. On Monday, the contagion rate stood at 317 infections and has already been falling for four consecutive weeks. This indicator falls in all the communities except Extremadura, as well as in Melilla and Ceuta.

The Ministry of Health has also reported 190 deaths in the last 24 hours, a daily record since the beginning of May. This Monday was the weekend with the most deaths recorded since the beginning of March. After the reduction of infections, the incidence and little by little also the hospitalizations, the curve of the fifth wave registers unprecedented peaks of daily deaths since the last week. In total, 83,527 people have died from coronavirus since the start of the pandemic.

The authorities have also reported 10,072 new infections, a figure that represents a decrease compared to Friday, when 12,450 new cases were added. This number cannot be compared with that of Monday, which groups together the cases registered since Friday. The global number of infected by COVID-19 since the beginning of the health crisis amounts to 4,793,352.

Andalusia, which adds 1,957 new cases; Catalonia, with 1,856; and Madrid, which scores 1,522; They are the communities that register the highest number of new infections in the last hours.

Two out of three people have the complete pattern

More than 31.6 million people have received the complete vaccination schedule in Spain, which means that two out of every three of its inhabitants have the maximum immunity against COVID-19, 66.7% of the population. This is a new milestone in the vaccination campaign that brings the goal of vaccinating 70% of the population with the full schedule.

Source: Ministry of Health (data updated to )

In addition, 35.8 million people have received at least one dose of the vaccine, 75.5% of the inhabitants. After the more than 347,417 doses administered in the last 24 hours, the autonomous communities have given a total of 63,938,402 injections.

Despite the fact that the rate of vaccination has decreased notably since the beginning of July, when 577,000 daily doses were put on a weekly average, Spain is already very close to reaching the goal that the Government had set to immunize 70% of the population. population before the end of August. If this rate is maintained, it will pass this barrier in nine days.

Turning COVID-19 patients face down reduces need for intubation and mortality

An international clinical trial carried out in 42 hospitals in six countries, two of them Spanish -Vall d’Hebron and Hospital del Mar- has shown that putting non-intubated patients with severe COVID-19 in the prone position, that is, face down , improves your prognosis and reduces the need for intubation and mortality.

The study, published this Tuesday in the journal ‘The Lancet Respiratory Medicine’, is the first major research that analyzes the benefits of this change in position and opens the door to a change in current clinical practice to incorporate this treatment as part of the routine medical for non-intubated patients with COVID-19.

Before this clinical trial, Dr. Jordi Mancebo, director of the Intensive Medicine Service of the Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona and one of the first to apply this technique in Spain, explained last November in an interview with Efe that in his In the hospital, 80% of COVID-19 patients who were in ICUs were already placed in the prone position to improve arterial oxygenation.