Wednesday, February 21

The increases that will come in January: monotax, prepaid and tolls

These are the increases that will arrive in January 2022

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The average update for the monthly obligations of the taxpayers, and for the billing caps of each category, will be 26% and will take effect from January 1, 2022. As official sources explained to Ámbito, based on the exceptional modifications and improvements introduced to the simplified regime by Congress throughout this year, “The new values ​​should have been calculated using the variation of the retirement mobility formula for the second half of 2021”.


The last section approved represents an increase of 9% as of January 1, 2022. In this way, prepaid will end up adjusting their fees by 61.04% in less than a year, from March 2021 to January 2022.

To this must be added the announcement made this Monday, of that health providers will begin to collect a copayment of 9 percent of the value of each benefit to patients of prepaid medicine companies. This was announced by the Federation of Health Providers (FAPS), which justified the measure in the critical situation that the sector is going through.





In the case of motorways The rise will take effect from January 7 on the traces of the Illia highway, May 25, Perito Moreno, Alberti and Paseo del Bajo, the latter exclusively for heavy traffic and long distance buses. As provided by the Buenos Aires Government, the toll will increase by an average 45%, with a value for light traffic during peak hours that will go from $ 61 to $ 88.50 on the Illia highway, from $ 148.22 to $ 215 on the 25 de Mayo and Perito Moreno highways, and from $ 41.85 to $ 61 at the Alberti toll. ; while the cost of the Paseo del Bajo will go from $ 135.63 to $ 199.66.


In Buenos Aires city the cost of the Vehicle Technical Verification (VTV) will increase by 51% from the first business day of 2022.