Wednesday, February 21

The incredible screen system that Google had for Android | Digital Trends Spanish

A series of images taken by the Android Authority portal It shows a system with information cards and suggestions for use that Google had developed for Android 11, and that were designed to be displayed with the screen locked or in an “always on” panel (such as the one integrated in Pixel or Samsung cell phones).

The project, however, ended up being scrapped by Google, which instead strengthened the Discover and Google Assistant features. In addition, it was developed under the code name of “Smartspace” and, judging by the images -which according to Android Authority were obtained from a fairly reliable source—, it showed off its name, because that lock screen that never reached users was quite functional.

Google worked on an information system for Android 11 that displayed information cards on a locked screen.

Why? Well, for starters, because it made great use of what Google calls contextual information. For example, if the user connected headphones to their cell phone, the screen, even with the phone locked, offered suggestions such as playing a song on Spotify or making a call on apps like WhatsApp.

In other cases, the information is based on the user’s location, their subscriptions and consumption habits, such as offering the Whole Foods loyalty card barcode and even showing the shopping list.

In short, it was an information system that would have facilitated the use of the cell phone, since it would not be necessary to unlock the mobile and navigate to an app to obtain the information or function that one is looking for. Too bad, maybe we will see it in Android 14.

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