Wednesday, December 8

The independentistas accused of the protest in Lledoners were acquitted for lack of evidence

Total victory of the defenses in the case of the ‘9 of Lledoners’. The judge of Manresa (Barcelona) who tried the nine protesters accused of altercations in the Catalan prison during the transfer of the procés prisoners to Madrid has acquitted the only three defendants who had not been exonerated in the trial.

The acquittal is based on the weakness of the evidence of the accusations, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Generalitat, based on the testimony of three Mossos d’Esquadra agents injured in the protest. The three officers acknowledged at trial that they could not hold the defendants responsible for the injuries they presented. The defendants ended up on the bench because they were identified by the regional police hours before in the same protest.

“Without being able to identify the perpetrator or perpetrators of the crimes, it is difficult to attribute any criminal or civil responsibility to the accused,” the judge resolves, recalling that the only identification that occurs of the three accused is the one produced for an hour and a half before the altercations by two of the agents using their identity cards and due to a lack of respect that the uniformed men claimed to have received.

The agents, although they indicated the three defendants as part of the group of 250 people who later attacked them, did not give details of how they were dressed or their physical features, so the judge expresses “substantial doubts” about their identification that lead to the absolution.

“How can it be asserted that some people identified an hour and a half before, among a group of about twenty people, with an intervention of approximately 10 minutes, at night and in a poorly lit area as the agents have emphasized, are the same as Are they among a group of 250 people, without any doubt? “, the judge wonders in her sentence, which is actionable.

The accusation against all the protesters, now acquitted, has been dissolved due to the imprecision of the prosecution witnesses – all of them agents of the Mossos d’Esquadra – when pointing out the accused as the alleged authors of the barricades on the road to prevent the transfer of the ex-councilors to the trial in the Supreme Court.

Officers could not say who put pallets and other objects on the road. Six of the defendants have already been exonerated during the trial held two weeks ago after the Prosecutor’s Office found that their accusation had come to nothing and withdrew the request for a sentence of up to three years in prison.

After hearing the ruling, the Alert Solidària collective, which defended several of the defendants, has regretted that the defendants have had to endure a “political trial” and a “farce”, in a procedure that has lasted up to three years .

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