Tuesday, February 20

The inflated census of the PP: from the 778,046 affiliates that it presumes to the 36,781 who have voted for Feijóo

The vote that this Monday elected Alberto Núñez Feijóo as the new president of the Popular Party once again revealed the traditional imbalance between the members that the conservative formation claims to have and the real census that participates in an internal process.

Feijóo returns to the opposition with the 2009 instruction manual that brought him to the Xunta

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In its annual accounts, the PP claimed to have, as of December 31, 2020, 778,046 members, a few less than the more than 800,000 that the leadership presumed popular for the last three years, every time he was asked. Taking this data for good, the support that Feijóo received in the vote of the militancy, with 36,781 votes, is only 4.72% of the total number of affiliates, a tiny amount of the set of bases of the main opposition party .

The trap is that the popular leadership does not specify anywhere how many of those 778,046 members are militants, with a quota obligation, and who, therefore, could vote in the internal process, and how many sympathizers, who do not pay or vote.

The current Statutes that can be consulted at the PP website, establish a single figure, that of the affiliate, with two modalities: militant, with a quota obligation, and supporter, without a quota obligation. Only the first could vote.

22,000 votes less than in the 2018 primaries

As revealed by the party at the beginning of the process to succeed Casado, the affiliates registered to participate in the primaries with a single candidate were 41,681, 5.35% of the total. Then there were already 13,893 members less than those who endorsed the still president of the Xunta for his candidacy to lead the party, which, in total, reached 55,574.

In 2018 there were 66,384 affiliates who registered to participate in the primaries that Pablo Casado ended up winning in the vote of the delegates, although in the first phase, that of the militancy vote, the winner was his rival Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría. 58,305 registered members voted, 87% of the total. Then the leadership of the PP claimed to have 869,535 members.