Wednesday, October 27

The Inquisition draws the torches

The facherio roams at ease with the torches lit. On Sunday, a neo-Nazi demonstration was walking through the Madrid neighborhood of Chueca shouting homophobic and racist slogans without the police doing anything or the Government Delegation ordering his arrest for a hate crime. On Tuesday, Vox mounted another of its antics in Congress where the PSOE presented a proposal to penalize anti-abortion groups that harass women in the clinics to which they are going to interrupt their pregnancy. An ultra deputy called a socialist deputy a “witch” to make clear what they are: the Inquisition that wants to lead us to the stake.

The action of the Government Delegate in Madrid is unforgivable and that a government that is said to be on the left supports her. She knew that one of the organizers of the Nazi demonstration is a former leader of Ultrasur and one glance on the internet is enough to see that the “associations” calling for it are fascist strongholds. Allowing a homophobic ideology march through the gay neighborhood of Madrid and saying that it is not your fault, is like throwing a match in a gasoline can and blaming the fire for the outbreak.

The Delegate should have prohibited or dissolved the demonstration for the same security reasons that she says she did not. He put the residents of that neighborhood at risk and caused panic by authorizing the demonstration first and letting it continue later. The incitement to hatred is included in the Penal Code and the freedoms of expression and expression do not protect intolerance. You cannot go around shouting “out queers, out sidosos” or “Madrid free of menas” and attacking the dignity of vulnerable people. The police could have acted for a hate crime and for disturbing public order, without waiting for the Prosecutor’s Office to classify the crime in the past, when the goring has already been received.

That is another. Police passivity in the face of Nazi and Cayetane concentrations is not newsworthy, nor is the sympathy of some agents for the extreme right. Significant is the ease with which they charge at protesters demanding decent housing and the passivity with which they allow discriminated groups to be intimidated. The Nazis carried sticks, flares and even a brass knuckles, but apparently that does not endanger public order. The dangerous thing is to dissolve a demonstration of armed ultras, not that the ultras carry weapons. Strange criteria. Now they will give them a fine, they say. The message that is sent is that they can pay the multita and go hunting.

The mobs that harass women who have abortions must also be stopped. Freedom of expression does not protect harassment nor can it prevent the exercise of other rights. In France they have been banned. Here the entire Parliament has voted in favor of penalizing them, except for Vox and the Popular Party. Nor is it news that the so-called right votes and governs with the extreme right. Tell me who are you going with … Casado and Abascal think escraches are good for women and they think it’s bad that women are free. To the stake for witches, as the other came to say, by the way, a judge on leave of absence. It is scary to think who is out there imposing his caveman idea of ​​Justice.

They are the same people who say that 26 million Spaniards must be shot for reds and separatists. The same ones that do target practice with photographs of the president and the ministers. The same ones that send bullets in envelopes. They are the Inquisition that condemns the fire from the institutions and its herd that goes out with the torches to fulfill the sentence.

We must stop the feet of this mob. That’s what the authorities, the media, the police and the laws are for. The problem is that power in our country is in the hands of conservatives and ultra-conservatives who are convenient for fascist agitation as a battering ram against the left and other enemies. It would be necessary to beg the PP and the right-wing press to do as in France or Germany and stop putting the wood to light the flame of fascism because what is going to burn in that bonfire is the country and democracy.