Monday, November 28

The inspector of the Alvia assures that he did not hide his call to the driver from the Police: “I did not remember”

Antonio Martín Marugán, the Renfe controller who had a 100-second telephone conversation with driver Francisco José Garzón just before the derailment of the Alvia train on July 24, 2013, has assured that he did not deny the police having made the call. “I have no interest in hiding, I did not remember”, he stressed during the fifth day of the trial for the accident, which resulted in 80 deaths and 145 injuries at the Angrois curve, at the entrance to Santiago de Compostela, reports Europe Press. His statements collide with those that, the day before, the agent who served as secretary of the accident investigation had pronounced, according to which the inspector would have denied twice having called the driver.

“I screwed up”: first words after the accident of the driver of the Alvia to a police command

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To questions from the prosecutor Mario Piñeiro, the Renfe controller who was traveling on the wrecked train has denied having hidden this information from the police in his first statements to the police. “I didn’t say it. I forgot. My head, as you will understand, barely 48 hours after being at the scene of the accident…”, he has argued. In addition, he has highlighted that “at no time” did he refuse to testify, to Piñeiro’s questions about whether they could not locate him. “I was in Coruña all the time and I didn’t go anywhere”, he has said. “I didn’t remember the call”, he insisted in various interrogations to which he has been subjected as a witness, by lawyers representing the victims of the accident and the parties involved in the tragedy (Adif, Renfe and the insurers, among others). others).

“I didn’t remember what I was talking about on the phone?”, Lawyer Manuel Alonso Ferrezuelo, from the victims’ platform, criticized him with whom, however, he did remember “many details” of the moment before the derailment. “No, for me that did not exist”, Martín Marugán responded. Before this same lawyer, the auditor has denied that he was recommended not to comment on the telephone call. “No one has told me not to call me, do not talk,” he pointed out, to later emphasize that it was when “a relative” of his told him about her — specifically a niece — when “one day” he remembered . Previously, he has reiterated, “her mind erased that.”

Agents Statement

This Tuesday, on the fourth day of the trial, and the first after the statement of the two defendants -the driver Francisco Garzón and the former Adif security chief, Andrés Cortabitarte-, the national police officer who was in charge of investigating the accident indicated that in the first statements taken after the incident, the Renfe controller denied the call “twice” moments before the derailment.

In fact, as he answered questions from the Public Prosecutor’s Office and several of the lawyers for the accusations, he commented that “he was not aware” of any of the statements made on said call, but that he became aware of it on July 31, a week after the fact, through the telephone record.