Sunday, December 10

The intense rain gives a respite to the teams working on the tasks of extinguishing the Venta del Moro fire

The air and land resources that are working to extinguish the forest fire in Venta del Moro (Valencia) have ceased their activity and have provisionally withdrawn from the area due to the heavy rain that is falling in the area, as reported by the Center for Emergencies of the Generalitat Valenciana.

In the extinction work, 30 aerial means were working this afternoon and 500 troops have been activated -300 firefighters from the provincial consortiums and the Generalitat with the support of Castilla-La Mancha, and the UME has deployed 237 soldiers.

The fire, which started last Sunday, has already burned some 1,300 hectares, and the extinction of the flames had been complicated by the orography of the land, since it is an area with a perimeter of 40 kilometers of forest mass and ravines, and due to the weather situation, due to the high temperatures and the north-westerly winds, especially the easterly wind.

This afternoon dry storms were also expected in the area, also accompanied by easterly winds.